Sacrificing the White Bull Part 2

Today Kevin Rudd challenged Julia Gillard to the top Job, but he lost 69 to 72.  This made me think about a Opinion piece I wrote last July 2011 check it out here if you haven’t read it Yet, Sacrificing the White Bull, like the story goes the white bull had to be sacrifice for the good of the group but nobody notice that by Sacrificing the White Bull the group lost it way.

The biggest problem is that this civil war inside labor is hurting the party even more and will create even more instability in the government.

If Kevin resigned from parliament Julia had to call a by-election or an election, she has no legal choice.

back to the white bull, last week he challenge the Red bull but he lost. lets say the the future for the black Bull is unknown, lets say in today battle the one (hungry) lion was a casualty of this civil war.

To be continue.

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9 comments on “Sacrificing the White Bull Part 2

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